The Travellers Club
The Travellers Club

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The Travellers Club, located at 106 Pall Mall, is one of London’s oldest and most prestigious gentlemen’s clubs. Founded in 1819, the club was established for “gentlemen who have travelled out of the British Isles to a distance of at least five hundred miles from London in a direct line.” This requirement for membership, along with the club’s luxurious and refined atmosphere, has made it a favourite among diplomats, politicians, and other accomplished individuals. At one point so many members were linked to MI5 and MI6 that it was simply known as the Spooks Club.

The club’s building, designed by Charles Barry, is a stunning example of the Palladian style and has been a London landmark for over 200 years. Inside, members can enjoy the club’s various lounges, reading rooms, and dining rooms, as well as its extensive library and billiards room.

In addition to its impressive facilities, the Travellers Club is also known for its rich history and distinguished membership. Past members include explorers, statesmen, and literary figures such as David Livingstone, Winston Churchill, and Rudyard Kipling. The club has also played host to numerous important events, including the signing of the Anglo-French Entente Cordiale in 1904.

Despite its traditional and exclusive reputation, the Travellers Club is also committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive membership. Today, the club continues to attract a diverse range of accomplished individuals from various fields and backgrounds.

Overall, The Travellers Club is a true London institution, offering its members a luxurious and refined atmosphere, rich history and distinguished membership, and a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity. It is a perfect place for the distinguished traveller and for those who appreciate the best of British culture and tradition. Sadly, the clubhouse can be quite dead at times. In addition dining room service, like the Oxford & Cambridge Club, requires each table to fill in an order form. To members of other clubs, this can seem not only cumbersome but also rather strange and impersonal.

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