Oxford and Cambridge Club
Oxford and Cambridge Club
3.9 out of 5.0 stars

A great club! Charming library, great service and good food.  Can be quite busy at times.

  • Full name: Oxford And Cambridge Club
  • Location: 71-77 Pall Mall, SW1 London
  • Type: University club. Exclusive, non-commercial private members’ club
  • Formed: 1830
  • Membership requirements: Proposed and seconded by at least two current members. Must have a connection to either Oxford or Cambridge Universities.

The Oxford and Cambridge Club, as the name indicates, is a traditional gentlemen’s club primarily for former Oxbridge students, though also people holding honorary degrees and members of a Oxbridge college or Hall may be admitted.  Due to a merger with the United University Club in the early 70s – which had for a brief time in desperation admitted students from other selected universities – there are even a few non-Oxbridge members.

The Oxford and Cambridge is an exceptionally handsome club – the building having been designed for the club by the famed Sir Robert Smirke.  The library is one of the best in clubland, consisting of more than 24,000 volumes.  The library, which stretches several rooms, is charmingly decorated with red leather upholstered chairs and heavy walnut tables.

Unlike many Tier 1 and Tier 2 clubs, the Oxford and Cambridge is open both weekdays and weekend.  The Queen allows female members, Queen Margarethe ΙΙ of Denmark being the first Honorary Lady Member.

The club has 42 bedrooms of assorted sizes and décor.  The main restaurant serves some of the best food in clubland, and the service – though formal – is impeccable.  There is a Club Table for those members dining alone.

The club has a close link with the National Liberal Club.  Gladstone was an active member of the Oxford and Cambridge in the early years – sitting on the general committee when the current clubhouse was built.  He resigned his membership when the idea of a new National Liberal Club was born, but even today the two clubs have reciprocal arrangements allowing members of Oxford and Cambridge to use the NLC spectacular club house in Whitehall Place – including the balcony overlooking the Thames – during the weekdays, and the members of the NLC using the Oxford and Cambridge club house during weekends.

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